You have reached the homepage of Earth Stone & Lime Company and Associates. Our projects have been many and varied. Please look in the gallery and project reports for examples. I have a passion for old, and particularly vernacular buildings, and I hope this shows. We work regularly in association with highly talented craftsmen in order to deliver as broad a range of traditional skills as possible’.

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About Us

Nigel Copsey began working with stone as a drystone waller in Cornwall. After eight years, he trained as a stonemason and carver at Weymouth College in Dorset, becoming established as a lettercutter and stonemason working mainly in the field of stone and building conservation. Based originally in the South-West, the company has carried out projects across England and more recently in Vermont and Andalucia. Nigel Copsey is a fully accredited member of the United Kingdom Institute of Conservation.


We subscribe broadly to the principles of the Society for the protection of Ancient Buildings and to the ideals of its founder, William Moms. We aspire to a thoroughgoing and articulate day to day ethical practice in accordance with international conservation treaties. We place a strong emphasis upon the promotion of open, honest and unhierarchical dialogue between all those involved in a project, as well as engaging with the craft, history and cultural significance of the building or monument itself. We believe that there are no circumstances in which the use of ordinary portland cement mortars may be either necessary or justified in the context of a structure not originally constructed using these materials. We use lime mortars and traditional materials whose performance has been tested over centuries of use in all climates and conditions. We believe that the skilled and informed use of traditional materials such as wood, stone, brick, lime and earth is not only good for the buildings of which they are a part, but good for the environment as a whole and for a healthy life in general.


Work Examples

The gallery contains images of a cross-section of our work. Many of the bigger projects were carried out in partnership with Oliver Coe, some with Luke Grafton as well as Olly.

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Hall Farm
Thornton Dale
North Yorkshire
YO18 7SA

Telephone: 07845 739594


Please feel free to contact Nigel Copsey / Earth Stone & Lime Company and Associates either via telephone, postal mail or e-mail. For e-mails, please send to the e-mail address as specified above, or the contact form on the right.


We organise and offer training and education in traditional skills at all levels. We have delivered annual lime training days in Malton for a number of years, as well as training and lectures in stone conservation and repair, mud masonry, and conservation ethics. We regularly deliver practical training on the MA Conservation course at York University. Partners include the NHTG, Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), The Churches Conservation Trust, and York University. Organisers of the Ryedale Building, Conservation and Heritage Fair in 2008; we are committed to the promotion of the use of traditional skills and materials, and the engagement of craftsmen, professionals and the community with the principles and best practice of historic building and landscape conservation.

We are happy to tailor training to individual needs and to deliver this by way of organised events or on site to specific work forces.

We have recently established the Traditional and Sustainable Buildings Centre at Hall Farm to deliver regular and ongoing skills training in the patterns of vernacular building locally, as well as in the modern use of sustainable and breathable materials.


Working closely with associates Mark Wilson and Ben Gourley, we are able to offer full management plans, archive research, building recording, condition surveys, conservation & repair schedules and specifications as well as oversight of small to medium sized projects.